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Jason L Gatewood

Multimedia Producer at Streetside Media Nagoya, Japan
I'm a human being currently living aboard Starship Earth. My goal is to go to all the places in this world and learn as much as I can about the things that people earlier in my life told me I wouldn't.
I have been traveling back and forth to Japan for about 10 years now-- been facinated with this place since I was a child, and if you ask me why-- honestly, I couldn't really explain.  I just feel more at home here, y'know? Professionally I am a trained journalist, and have worked in TV, film, print, radio, and multimedia/web since I could work as a teenager!  I love working on video and websites as a producer the most, but I'm happy doing anything in the Fifth Estate.  Currently I do freelance web development, audio and video in Nagoya Japan, as well as edit a local magazine.  Yeah, the Japanese skills do help here!

Where I was born
St Louis, Missouri, USA
Places I've lived
Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Los Angeles, California , Japan; Tokyo , Japan
Companies I've worked for
Assurant; CBS; CNN; Comcast
Schools I've attended
Webster University ; Art Institute of Atlanta ; University of Missouri