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12 March 2005

Man on Fire

Today in Atlanta, a guy on trial for rape, sodomy, and battery went kerzerk and decided to kill the trial judge, a court reporter, and a sherriff's deputy. He then got the whole city involved by carjacking an AJC reporter and taking off somewhere, making law enforcement from all over the metro area start staging and caused a traffic nightmare. Here's the offical news story here: WSB-TV story

This reminds me of July of 1999 when a disgruntled day trader killed 5 people in his office, killed his wife and kid and caused a manhunt for 3 hrs until finally turning the gun on himself in Marietta. I happened to be in that same building when all that happened and though I wasn't traumatized or even afraid, I was concerned.
What made these men become so desperate that they deemed these means neccasary? Both men were educated, held down jobs that made good money.
They say never say never, but I would never take another life if the real cause of my problems is my own.
If you see this guy, there's a $10,000 reward. Just dial 911.


They caught him... Well more like he gave up. Seems when he tried to hide out at some lady's apartment, he held her hostage. But she kept telling him that she needed to live becasue she had a daughter... Her husband died, and she is all the family she has. He prayed with her, and let her go. She called the police, and he gave up peacefully. I guess even the most hardened people have hearts too. Like the center of a Tootsie Pop...
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