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08 May 2005

Dancing in the spirit

The picture doesn't do them justice... But they danced all night long. on and on and on... i thought they'd give up. I thought I'd give up. Each song was 45 minutes long... at least... but they kept going. I kept going. I wanted to stop, but my legs kept moving. I wasn't in my body... I cared nothing about my muscles tightening. Nothing about the cramp building up in my side, or the spasms in my back... I wasn't feeling pain, because I was in a world where pain simply didn't exist. I was bathed in a sea of rhythm and chanting. I was in a singular consciousness that had succumbed to the will of Fela. His music had ensnared the musicians long enough to make mere suburban-looking boys play the music of the depressed, oppressed, and obsessed. I had to be older than all of them. But once the music was going, age was lost in the ethereal singularity. I want to get lost again.

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