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07 August 2005

Say Hello to Satin Doll

Its out!! Its out!! Its out!!!! My pop's book is out! Please support both him and a semi-forgotten part of black history by buying my pop's book, Say Hello to Satin Doll.

He has been writing this book in one form or another since around 1990 or so when we were living in Inglewood, California. For anyone that knows him, he has always been facinated both with aviation and the Tuskeegee Airmen role in WWII. Personally I am so happy to see this book come out, because I know how hard he labored on it throughout the years. At one point I think he stopped working on it for like a year or two, but he picked it back up and got to writing it again. He always said to me, "Everyone has a story to tell. How are you gonna tell yours?" This is probably the single-most reason that I am still writing to this day, because I saw how he'd be at the PC at 3am still writing and knowing he had to be at work at 8am at a regular job! I am so proud of him.

The book itself is a fictional novel set in the world of the Tuskeegee Airmen saga of WWII. These were the first black pilots to fly protecting our bombers over Hitler's Germany during the war, and I might add the only fighter group to never lose a single bomber to enemy gunfire!! Not a single bomber! It was said that if you were aboard a bomber and saw P-51s with the tailfins painted all red, then you were all but guaranteed to make it back home safely! A lot of the others in the Army Air Force didn't know they were black until later on, and some still resisted the idea!!

The link to the internet site is here; the price is actually cheaper than what you will find in stores! Thanx for supporting my family, our history, and the idea that you too can have your ideas published!
View and purchase "Say Hello to Satin Doll" here
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