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27 October 2005

The Mother of the Civil Rights Movement

Today I rode a bus. I didn't go anywhere in particular... I only rode 2 blocks in fact. I parked my car at the mall, and rode from one side of the mall, to the subway station behind it. I made sure I sat up front. I wanted to honor Mrs Rosa Parks. So I rode a bus and sat in the front. Its one freedom we take for granted here and now, but in 1955 here in Atlanta, i wouldn't even be able to live in the neighborhood I live in now, let alone be allowed to sit up front on MARTA. Because Mrs Parks decided she wasn't gonna get up due to her feet paining her something awful, she started a revolution... Even made a man named Martin Luther King famous. Mrs Parks passed away last night in Detroit. But because of her, I am able to ride a bus and sit up front. I am able to take a plane to japan and sit up front. And I am able to stand up to racism and disenfranchisement without fear... All because this young pregnant woman didnt feel like taking no sh*t that day! May God keep Mrs Rosa Parks in his company forever.
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