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17 May 2006

Its show season again!

Well with the spring, comes motorsports season, and for me that means another 8 months or so of autocross racing, drifting, tuning, and showing.

Last weekend was the 2nd stop on the Formula D series, here at Road Atlanta. The best of American and Japanese drifting teams put their cars sideways on the track, and I of course put my car in the pits to show off with my car club... But how I wish I had all-wheel drive! Ever seen an xB get sideways? Want to?

My last car was a BMW E28 M5, I would practice drifting with some friends in St Louis-- 3 of which were from Japan, and were actually doing this when it was still unknown outside of the mountainsides of that country. I thought it was just a cool way to make a turn, but if I had known it would blow up into a sport here, I would have kept that car! But then again, I got tired of replacing parts and sealing leaks... I may however find an old 240, or re-build my beloved supra and try my hand at drifting... Who knows, I may find myself on the same track as Steve Millen one day....

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