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14 January 2007

Attention Black Folks...

I never ever go looking for reasons to pull the race card... My circle of friends is a veritable rainbow of colors; people from all walks of life, from all over the world... But dammit, I am a African-American--- A Black man in America... And yeah, I grew up in L.A. Inglewood... I'll never forget April 1992, so I still spell America like AmeriKKKa-- Listen to Ice Cube from back in the day and you'll understand. Lately rap music, hip hop, crunk, snap, whatever-the-hell-25-and-under-muhfukaz is listen' to these days is FUCKED UP!!!! Ain't no more substance in the lyrics, and the videos are even worse. I never shot nobody, never robbed no damn body, and the only time I ever spent in jail was on some bullshit traffic shit.

This is a wake up call... Hip-hop culture in this country is getting outta hand. It's gone from consiousness and state-of-the-culture to "let's come as close as we can to shooting porn and gangsta movies." Even the shit I see in the clubs lately. I would get the hell slapped outta me if I grabbed some chick's ass in a shopping mall, but if I do it in a club, she'll look back at me, and either smile if she thinks I'm cute, or at worse, simply walk away... I'm not saying flirting is wrong, but there is a double standard...

We as black people also need to stop judging our peers based on THINGS! I'm tired of people asking me how come my car has 18" rims instead of 24" ones... or why I tend not to wear jewlery... How come I don't own a plasma screen TV or have the latest $150+ shoes... Why does what I choose to spend MY money on matter so much to what people think of me?

Never was a baller, pimp, drug dealer, gun trader, terrorist, or any other illegal shit... And I ain't about to sit here and glorify that shit either... Wake up my people... wake the f*** up!
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