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27 April 2008

Serious $#!* for a second. Real Talk

Time now for some real talk again here on the 'ol blog...

My journey in the world of Corporate America continues-- its a world where nothing ever is what it appears to be, or ever stays the same for very long. I recently took a job with a large corporation that I won't mention (yet) to do a job that I am really good at... 3 days after my first day, my manager's manager gets reassigned (or quit or got fired; I just know she ain't there no more) and my manager isn't my manager anymore, I got some other person (actually set of people) that I report to, and I'm transitioning to a job I don't even know much about, and the more I learn about it I feel I don't want to know much about it or do it. I was hired to deal with websites, and now I'm doing some sort of mainframe data conversions... Uggh. I guess I should just be happy I got a job, but part of me still lives over in Japan, and that part of me screamed "I told you so" when that switcho-changeo happened at my new job. "Should've carried your ass to Japan... You'd be semi-broke, but you'd have more fun, and get a 6 week paid vacation this year even!" True. But I would have broken all kinds of family vows not to mention messed things up financially for myself since I didn't have time to tie up miscellaneous loose ends with my car, and other creditors-- my granny passed and my brother wound up in jail on some serious shit (see past postings) so my bank accounts have been in freefall trying to help my people out.

So what should I do? Should I just accept this position and just suck it up and learn how to do this job and hope like hell I don't get frustrated and/or bored enough to just quit and find something else (which is out the question for now... I need the $ and they are paying top dollar...) Or should I just suck it up and do this while looking for an off-ramp out this place and try to get back to my actual career field; Multimedia?

Second question-- Why the hell do I torture myself all the time when it comes to some miscellaneous chick I like? I hear it all the time-- plenty of fish in the sea, and you're a good catch man. Maybe I am; I have no kids, never been married, live on my own, plenty of money, decent career (sometimes-- again see previous posts, but I still seem to have enough money regardless) and I think I am a decent guy... Maybe I'm just not anyone's type... well anyone close by. There are a few girls who I'd be dating mutually with but they live somewhere between 800 and 8000 miles away. No I'm serious. That is how far they live from me. Then there are the ones that live in my town that have absolutely no other interest in me other than purely platonic friendship. Nice. What is it that makes girls from other places dig me, but girls that live in my area totally not like me... I don't get it.

There you have it, Real Talk. These are just the goings-on in my life at this moment, and I'm not looking to have someone solve my problems, really-- I think its therapeutic for me to just get this outta my mind and into the ether so I can focus on something else. But if you have an opinion, please comment about it here... I'll read it and consider it, but opinions are like you-know-what, everyone has them...
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