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29 June 2008

Wanna see some of my video and multimedia work?

The next few weeks, I'm gonna be overhauling my website, StreetSideMedia.com with some new content and more examples of my work (so I can find another job amongst other things)

I'll also be cross-posting some of those items here so the people that are subscribed to my daily rants and ravings can see that I do have some skills to offer to this poor world....

Also want to let everyone know that I will be making a personal site, really soon. The blog will get moved over there-- but I'll just probably iFrame it because I'm way too lazy to try and set Wordpress up just for my own personal crap. Blogger does a good job of what I need it to do, not to mention I use my Treo a lot to post live video and photos to it using Shozu or a direct email... No need to re-invent the wheel for this thing, right?

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