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04 June 2008

Yuck Mouth!

BIG YUKMOUTH! Am I the only one that remembers Mr. Yuck here from the commercials that used to air during Voltron, Transformers, G.I. Joe and M.A.S.K.? Mr. Yuck was a guaranteed laugh for a bunch of 7 and 8 year-olds because he would drink things like Drain-O and Windex and eat things like 74 Bufferin or Grandma's blood pressure pills and pass out-- after making the trademark face you see here. OK so the message was clear--don't be eating nothin' stupid, dumb-ass! But over time my twisted mind (along with my siblings and other friends) have made this face countless times and used it to symbolize things we really don't care for at the time. Like my current job situation. Or my current dating situation. Or my curr-- you get the point. So here's to Mr. Yuck, who for the last 25 years has symbolized things that you shouldn't ingest, be it literally or figuratively.
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