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14 July 2008

This Bud's for Germany, or the day St. Louis COMPLETELY fell off.

The WSJ reports that Budweiser brewer Anheuser-Bush accepted that latest offer from InBev and agreed to get acquired for $52 billion.

Right.  My hometown should be called Fire Sale, MO.  Every automaker except the GM plant in Wentzville has shuddered their factories.  Southwestern Bell/SBC/AT&T moved from STL to Texas back in the '90s, TWA sold out to American Airlines, then they went back on their deal and shut down the hub, ticketing, and support operations, making Lambert Airport look like a landing strip for crop dusters.  Just about every other major institution has moved to greener pastures or shrank to some infantessimal size and just calls St Louis home for tax purposes. 

When I was in Japan and Korea, not too many people knew where St Louis was, but most knew if I said Budwieser Beer.  I tell people here that we have 3 taps on our sinks back home-- Hot, Cold, and Bud.  Down here in Atlanta, people understand that-- with Coca-Cola being here, people say "Pepsi is the 8th four-letter word around here."  So they liken my disheartenment at this whole A-B deal to "if Coke got bought out by Fanta."  Not to mention there is an A-B brewery in Cartersville GA, just 45 minutes up I-75 from me. 

When I go home next time, I wouldn't be surprised to see price tags on the traffic lights where there should be street names...

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