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01 October 2008

シナトラ 「エンドロール」 / Sinatra - End Roll

I don't give a damn what you think--these guys rock! Got to see them live at this year's JapanFest here in Atlanta. This song is called "end roll" and its what Japanese folks call "credits" at the end of a film. Be nice, and I may translate it for you. Oh and the video will totally seem "gay" to some of you. That's ok, you've never been to Japan, and even if you did, maybe you weren't daring enough to go to the sento (public bathhouse) or an onsen (hot springs) with your buddies. I have, I do, and I love it. And no Im as far from gay as you can get (not that there's anything wrong with that--doowhutchalike) I just like splashing around hot water with my friends and the beer or sake that we get after we get out. Anyway my nippon buddies will get this (Rob, Dave, Ryo, Hideo, Koh, Kohaku) The rest of y'all... well the hell with y'all if you don't get it. Its funny dammit! these guys did 4 shows at JapanFest here in Atlanta and rok0rz my s0x!

On a side note, I really hated missing matsuri (summer festival) season in Japan this year-- but that s*** ain't happening next year. I'll be going there to live for awhile. I need to walk in heaven one more time and try to touch an angel again.

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