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09 December 2008

finally, warmth has come to my apartment

goooooooodd daaaaaaamn! this damn thing is like a mini jet engine (smells like one too)

whole crib smells like gasoline... but im hot as hell now! thats what im talking about! its a mini kerosene furnace (called a stove here in japan) and it has a fan inside to circulate air.

yeah i do think its silly that its 2008 and im happy to have a kerosene heater in my apartment in a country where you can ride the fastest trains, do everything at 7-11, play the latest video games, etc... but no central heat... anywhere.

my schools all have gas lines in the classes where portable heaters can be plugged in to warm the classes... wait til summer, 'cause there's no central a/c either! but i do have a room a/c unit so i'll be ok- i tolorate heat better than cold anyway.

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