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10 June 2009

Cram school head grew pot on roof

Some guy who operates a juku here in Nagoya got high on his own supply... Are they hiring?!

NAGOYA--A cram school head was arrested after police discovered cannabis plants growing on the rooftop of his school in Kita-Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture.

Kazuomi Fujiwara, 37, who taught English and social studies, admitted growing six cannabis plants inside a plastic wardrobe on the rooftop of the Nodajuku chain's Nishiharu school, police said.

Fujiwara was quoted by police as saying he chose the spot because it was sunny and hidden from view. The juku has about 130 students.

He began smoking pot in high school and had grown cannabis for his personal use at the school since last summer, police said.(IHT/Asahi: June 10,2009)

Read the full story from Asahi Shinbun here.

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