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17 June 2009

Nagoyans can‘t ride the subway properly...

One thing i've noticed in my 8 months being in Nagoya-- these people don't seem to know proper subway riding etiquitte...

1. When moving thru the turnstyles, have your fare out *before* you get to the faregate--and have it properly counted, accounted for, etc. I knocked some poor kid down one time because he just stood there looking or his ticket while i was running to the gate.

2. Make room on the platform, stairs, train, etc, for people coming the opposite way. Why do people here think they are the only ones needing to use the train? If you just got off your train, congradulations-- you made it... But i'm still trying to get where i'm going, so MOVE the hell outta the way!

3. When boarding the train, it's common knowledge that there usually are more people than just you trying to get on. So please get on the train and move toward the center of the car away from the damn door! How many times do i have to shove someone out the way jst to find that there's plenty of standee room, but there's 25 people blocking the door.

4. When its your turn to get off the train, make your way to the door in the time before arriving at your station. Meaning, dont try to push past me at your stop because you just noticed where we were! This also means that when i'm doing this, please let me get to the damn door--i wanna get off!

Sorry for the rant y'all, but a combination of all these made me 15 minutes late this a.m.-- why is it Tokyoites and Osakans get this but Nagoya folks seem clueless at times...

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