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09 August 2009

RAN Magazine. Issue One. DONE!

Just want to say to everyone that had a hand in making this happen... Thank you from the bottom of my soul. You know, I came back to Japan last year on a mission. I wanted to be able to become successful, being able to do something I love to do, in the land that I love being in. Most people thought I was off my meds when I left a decent job in Atlanta in the States (the job payed well, but I was pushed so far out of my field, I became rather bored with it.) to come back here.

But since the day I got back here in Japan, I was on a mission to achieve my dreams. I seeked out like-minded people, both old friends from before, and new ones I just met. We put forth an idea. That idea was basically, "why not just go ahead and do our thing. We're photographers. We're writers. We're designers. We're entrepreneurs. We are dreamers AND doers."

So we did it. I have the first copy of RAN Magazine in my hands... and along with the other 999 copies from our first print run, we will show Nagoya that there is more to the gaijin (foreign) community than just a gaggle of loosely-connected slackers enjoying an almost free ride here on the other side of the planet. Much more.

I invite you to check out our magazine... join our facebook fan page, follow us on twitter.

Once again, thank you everyone.

PS, you can read the entire magazine.... ONLINE>> http://sn.im/ran-mag-aug2009
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