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18 August 2009

Real Talk: 20 Annoying Habits of Weed-Tokers

Time out for some Cannibus Culture. Yes I know weed is ILLEGAL in most of the places you're reading this from... I DON'T CARE-- I think it SHOULD be LEGAL, and that's that, end of discussion. Name one person you know who has ever OD'd, died in a car crash, shot someone, got shot, or otherwise had a totally miserable life, mamed or killed as a result of smoking reefer... None. I know plenty of the above that happened as a result of drinking alchohol, taking narcotics, crack, angel dust, and meth... SO I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT. What I do wanna hear is your opinion on these 20 annoying things that weed-heads tend to do while getting blazed, and see if you agree...

All this ish makes good sense... But the part about politics-- Hell, some of the best political debates I've heard/had were while being zooted. It's the only time I think I can understand EVERYTHING POLITITIANS DO. Also hitting on girls that are high, while I'm high. Come on, everyone's more laid back and less uptight while blowed... So seems to be that's the PERFECT time to shoot game on some girl that I've been nervous about talking to before... I'm less likely to do/say something stupid, and she's less likely to focus on some surface BS and listen to the convo.

That being said-- Weed is very ILLEGAL here in Japan. There is NO tolorance for ANY amount. Unlike back home in the States where if you have less than 35 grams, its a slap on the wrist, in Japan you could have a stick or a stem or even just a plastic bag that smells like cannibus and its at LEAST 5 years in the slammer. Yikes! Needless to say, I very very rarely take part in any toke sessions here. Japanese jail can't be fun and I ain't trying to find out!

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