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04 November 2009


I recently purchased a new MacBook pro as you may or may not know. I also got adobe cs4 master collection on it so it can effectively replace my hp netbook that should only be used for surfing the net and emails. Since the death of my poor only-2 1/2 year-old HP notebook back in June, I've been using that underpowered thing to do things it was never meant to do. Like load windows 7 RC on it (runs better than XP actually) and edit PDFs and websites for the magazine I edit (wanted to cry most times. Slower than frozen molasses!)
Those days are over. To celebrate, I dumped tu contents of both HPs hard drives onto the mac and found an old Photoshop project I never finished in the form of this walpaper. Features my 2 favorite "avatar: the last airbender" characters, Toph and Katara. Looking forward to the live action flick summer 2010, so I finished it and voil ! Comments? If you want it, let me know, and I'll post on Devient Art.

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