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21 December 2009

Atlanta ain't just about snap-rap, and club/autotuned/bling rap...

We got that real hip-hop...  Did you forget about Outkast, Goodie Mob, and Dungeon Family?  It's more, much more there man.
My gift to y'all here in Japan...  Some of A-town's finest.
Collective Efforts from the ATL.  They the Goddamned truth.  A-Town for really-real hip-hop. 


Video Shoot.


Big ups to my man El Haney for turnin' me on to CE back in the day, and of course for Babu who was always down to eat chicken with us up in Cobb County 4 years ago. 

More real ATL sound can be found here: http://digital.1320records.com

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