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25 December 2009

Avatar: I Came, I Watched, I Was BLOWN AWAY.

I purposely didn't watch even a single trailer before the movie came out.  I knew I'd like it, and I didn't wanna spoil the wait.  But there's always that tinge of doubt...  That "what if I spend my hard earned yen on some BS?!" feeling...  But then my brother then texts me in the middle of the night --2AM Japan time and tells me "You've seen nothing else like this.  Go see it."  My bro is wrong as hell on lots of things, but NEVER movies.  Not even once.  So I had to go.

I went with my crew here-- 6 of us.  IMAX 3D. ¥2200.

To quote Menya, "I was on GD Pandora [alien homeworld] for 2 1/2 hours..."
Wow.  If you haven't seen it, go.  Dammit GO!

And don't be trying to get a torrent, or buy a bootleg from some dude in the Wal-Mart parking lot.  This movie is only 100% maximum enjoyed in a theater, preferably the IMAX 3D variety. 

Here's a trailer if you've been under a rock lately...

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