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15 December 2009

Chris Brown Twitter Account Deleted After Rant Against Retailers

As you may know, singer Chris Brown recently released his “comeback” album, the culmination of his ongoing attempt to rebuild his image.

While part of that effort included a song dedicated to Twitter, the singer has just gone in the opposite direction when it comes to the microblogging service: account deletion.

Brown raised some eyebrows over the weekend by using his TwitterTwitterTwitter account to claim that retailers were blackballing him and not giving his album proper shelf space in stores. Much of the entertainment press drilled him over it, and now his account is gone.

Of course, while it might be gone from the public eye, the controversial tweets live on in GoogleGoogleGoogle’s cache:

chris brown twitter

Given the delicate nature of Brown’s situation, it’s hard to imagine his actions drawing much sympathy from fans and followers, though the deletion has certainly gotten him plenty of attention, with his name quickly rising to Twitter’s trending topics.

Wonder if Tiger will be treated the same way... Does Tiger tweet at all? Although like my man Trev said, it's reverse discrimination. In Tiger's case, he got beat by his wife... Even if you're cheating, you shouldn't get your @$$ beat; you should just get cut off or walked out on...

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