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15 December 2009

J7TV: Ustream iPhone App Bug Found... Maybe...


J7TV LIVE! 12/14/09 11:20PM JST

I was streaming live from my iPhone when I noticed that it streams a capture from the iPhone's screen, not a direct feed from the camera... WTF?! Ustream, Fix that!! Now everyone can see my email address! LOL... Doesn't matter, its Gmail, so spammers can bring it!

Obviously I staged this so I could point out what could happen with the app.  Suppose someone sent some sensitve info via text message or email and this happened?  I noticed it when i was streaming before and immediately turned notifications off, but the average user wont know to cancel their text message pop-ups without some sort of reminder; most probably are unarae it can be turned off at all!

So to Ustream-- make a version 1.1 that either grabs the stream from the camera or automatically turns off notices while filming.

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