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30 December 2009

STL, home of shoot first, ask questions later?

Gateway Arch over building in St Louis
Welcome to my hometown, St. Louis, Missouri, USA.  Home of 300,000 souls, and the worst crime per capita stats in the USA.  I've only lived here 13 out of 32 years in my life, mostly before I was even a teen.  Even still, most of my family lives there, and I worry about them.  I have a brother in jail now--partly due to being raised in this environment I feel.  Although 98% of the blame is on him, I also feel that extra 2% is St. Louis' fault.  The city is overrun by violence on both sides.  Criminals who shoot without warning.  Police who blast on site.  Regular people that will pull a gun in a heartbeat if they feel threatened.  (I've had this happen to me twice where I was meeting a friend at their house, and was greeted with a shotgun because they felt "funny") Tonight in the midst of a person trying to protect their property, they were killed... by the police. Oops. I can't blame the cops-- they have a job to do. They got confused. Can't blame the homeowner. He was trying to protect his household... There's a video later to tell the whole story--just hang on a bit... I wanna put a personal spin on this one first.

See in The 'Lou-- Everybody gots a gun.  EVERYBODY.  Hell I had a gun there, and I was still a teenager when I had it.  I didn't tell my parents, and until they read this, they STILL don't know.  Yup.  I never carried it around though--much.  I had it because this one kid in my neighborhood didn't like me.  He was younger than me by 2 years.  Went to a different school.  Had different friends.  I NEVER hung out with, nor even KNEW this fool.  But word got out, HE didn't like me still...  Reason?  I had a car, he didn't.  Huh?!  I was 17, he was 15.  I was old enough to drive, HE WASN'T.  Still, he was HATING me, because he'd see me in my car at some local spot with some high school friends (probably my girlfriend or whatever) and would hate.  (Why I'll never know; my car was a real POS, but I still was rollin' and not on Bi-State (the bus) so who cares) So people kept saying to me "-------- says he's gonna jack you." ["Jack" for those that don't know slang means "to steal someone else's §#¡†."]  They also informed me that he had a gun too.  They didn't need to tell me that part though; this kid was known for showing off his lil' .45 he had all the time in the 'hood.  Anyway, I ended up copping [getting] 2 guns from some thugged-out homiez [really tough friends] just-in-case.
I was paranoid for 2 months... Finally I just confronted ol' boy.  I had a knife but I didn't take the gun...  I didn't wanna chance me doing something stupid-- knives cut, but it's hard to end someone's life with one; guns make a push-button death too easy....  So I saw that kid hanging out in front of the local chinese food joint in the area, and asked him why he was sayin' all that stuff about wanting to take my car, when he can't even drive.
"What? Man I don't know what you're talking about-- I've been asking if someone knew if you could teach me how to drive a stick [manual transmission] so I could pass the driver's test in my uncle's truck!"  My car was a stick...  So dude wanted to take my car *and me* to the park up the street to teach him to drive...
I took those guns to the pawn shop the next day and got rid of 'em.  Point of all this?  Think twice, speak once, and maybe shoot never.
Or this could happen....

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