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21 December 2009

Video: Camera Pro Chase Jarvis Preaches iPhone Photography

Our culture is more saturated with images than ever, but we're also more involved in creating and spreading those pictures through easily available technology and the Web. Cameraphones -- the standard phone type now, rather than the exception -- are plugged straight into the Web, enabling uploads in just a few clicks. Wi-Fi storage cards, as photographer Stephen Ferry explains, are shattering even that final gap in the "immediacy circuit." In other words, photos can be spread worldwide milliseconds after the shutter is pressed, an unbelievable process even 10 years ago.

We walked New York's High Line with pro photographer Chase Jarvis, known for his empowering affirmation that the best camera is the one that's with you. Check out Jarvis's discussion of mobile photography, tips for shooting, and the app in the video after the break. We've also included some of his iPhone shots in a gallery to give you some ideas to get started.

Gallery: Chase Jarvis

Remember what he said: "The most important camera is the one you're holding right now." As a news photographer, these are words we live by-- Believe it, if there is some big incident happening and the only thing I have is my iPhone, CNN, Reuters, etc will have to have that 320x240 resoulution video to work with, if the "big boy" ain't around...

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