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13 January 2010

Can Mark Twain have I-70 naming rights back now?

I am from St Louis, as you may or may not know, and like most St. Louisans, I am a Cardinals baseball fan until I die.  So when Mark McGwire was batting .1000 during the 1998 season, I was cheering him on--even though I was in college at the time in Atlanta.  And when he broke Roger Maris' record 61 homers in a single season, I was elated.

One thing I didn't like though, was the fact that the piece of I-70 going past my old North St Louis neighborhood got renamed from he Mark Twain Expressway to the Mark McGwire Fwy.   It's one thing to name some major piece of community property after someone who contributed to the local history, and also happens to be representative of the cultural fabric in America, and my home state of Missouri in particular... But Mark McGwire is a BASEBALL PLAYER... Who QUIT right after that season!! 

Well it's no wonder-- He spilled the beans yesterday about his steroid use during that season!  So I'm in favor of at the very least, getting the Missouri Department of Transportation to rename I-70 back to Mark Twain Expwy.   

Do I think he was genuine in apologizing?  Yes.  Do I feel bad? As a Cardinals fan, yes I do, but since that time we went on to win 3 pennants, and win one World Series!  So I am still proud to wear my Cards jerseys here in Japan!   But when I go back home to the States this spring and drive I-70-- I want that damn sign DOWN!!

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