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15 January 2010

Help needed finding family members in #haiti

My dear friend Tatiana is wanted me to repost her status messages to help find her family in Haiti...

Think if this happened to you.  So forward, repost, re-tweet, smoke signal, carrier pidgeon...  Whatever it takes.

Tatiana Bjl Does anybody have anything on Shesly Jean-Louis and family? Myriam Paola Olibrice and family? Mercelyne jean-Louis and family? Naomie Berthold?

Tatiana Bjl Please repost : Looking for Adolphe Benjamin and Marie France O Gilbert at Delmas 33 #16 phone# 3 63 92 999, if u have news please let us know.....Also Gerard Valcin phone# (242) 475 8173.

For my folk back in the States, doesn't this look like a Katrina-type disaster?  The pictures I'm seeing coming from this place bring back some terrible memories...

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