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10 February 2010

Family lookin' out for family

I love my sister-in-law so much... She's like a real sister to me actually, since I never had one to begin with. (Mom can only shoot out boys for some reason...  natch.) Anyway, I guess some of her friends have been asking about me since I've been away from the ATL, STL, hell the whole USA.  I checked my Facebook this A.M. to find the following message she devoted a status message to..

Lee Bry 

is giving her LAST response 2 questions about her brother Jason. Yes, he's single & smart. (We're eccentric but we read REAL books about REAL topics!). If u resemble any character on The Boondocks that doesn't get Huey or rooted 4 R. Kelly, DON'T BOTHER ASKING 2 MEET HIM--chicken heads & the such like nd NOT apply. Think about where he is. If u don't fit ( yeah, size included) the mold, u may nt make the cut!

To which I replied...

I get to be Waldorf and she can be Statler this time.

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