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04 March 2010

Roger Ebert, Gets His Voice Back

I'd just posted last month or something on Facebook that Roger Ebert had lost his voice, along with the ability to eat, and drink due to a freak incident during surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from his jaw. His carotid artery burst.

Sometimes I wonder what I'd do if I were to suffer some debilitating accident that left me blind, paralyzed, deaf, or something. Would I descend into a state of misery and helplessness, or simply adapt and overcome? How would I adapt, and what tools would I use? I already know that the worse thing that could happen is if I lost the ability to use my computer and camera... Especially my computer though-- It's how I make my livelihood as a writer, photojournalist, programmer, and project manager. Roger is also in the same boat because he never gave up his day job; He STILL and HAS BEEN writing for the Chicago Sun Times since the 1970s. Now his trusty Macbook Pro serves another purpose as well... It gave him his voice back.

Today, on Oprah, Ebert showed off his new computerized voice. This wouldn’t be that amazing; after all, computer generated voices have been around since the original Macintosh debuted in 1984. What makes Ebert’s new voice special is that it was formed entirely out of his old voice, using clips and samples from his previous TV shows.

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