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21 April 2010

New planetarium to open in Nagoya next year. Awesome!





A giant sphere has appeared in Nagoya's Sakae district. What exactly does is building? It's sitting on top of the Nagoya City Science Museum in Shirakawa park. This is the site of the new Nagoya City Science Museum.

Mr. Yokoi Tomoo, director of planning for the Nagoya City Science Museum states, "This will be among the world's largest planetariums." When completed internal diameter of 35 meters, 20 meters high.

In order to replicate the night sky, they'll use the latest tech. The dome will be fully covered in LCD screens, and the video shown will be HD x 97 billion... OK, not a real term, but I'm sure it's gonna look like you just hopped aboard the Space Shuttle and got off somewhere in space when you see it.The dome is fully screened and videos can also mimic space travel. Currently, work is being done to put a dome screen. That's not all though, other attractions and exhibits will reside in the addition including a lab where one can experience the frigid cold of space --minus 30 degrees Celsius.

Also present is an exhibit that "can cause a tornado of about 8 meters high artificially" Yokoi explains. The old Museum of astronomy is now closed in since last August, and will reopen as part of the new science museum in March 2011, creating a new landmark in Nagoya

Well... You know I'm going. It's near Shooter's Bar here in Nagoya, so I get to check the construction out as its been going along fairly often. I can't wait to see the exhibits there-- I'm a big geek, so this sort of thing appeals to me.

BTW, I translated the post from Japanese → English. If it's off, someone tell me!
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