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08 May 2010

Jobs in Japan: Calling all HTML, JS, JQ, SQL, ETC coders...

Danny Choo, someone who came from the UK and struck it big in Japan by riding on the convergence of IT and the sudden popularity of anime, manga, and the "otaku" sub-culture surrounding it, just posted another "get your @$$ to Japan and work fool" job posting-- This time for his friend and fellow gaijin self-made business woman Heather, who runs the online shop Rinkya, a shop specializing in helping you get stuff from Yahoo Autions Japan.

So, are you a kick-ass HTML coder, have a solid eye for design, and know how to connect your front-end to your back-end in ways that don't involve lewd acts? DO YOU WANNA COME TO JAPAN AND LIVE THE DREAM?!?

Visit his site, friend and take the CHALLENGE

...I'd also like to say, I'm gonna enter this puppy too... My coding is like $#¡† at times, but that's what Dreamweaver and "clean HTML code" dialogs are for... Ha.

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