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02 June 2010

Damn, that was quick... 早っやめちゃうなぁ!

And that's a wrap... apparently.  Japan's PM, Yukio Hatoyama is gonna quit...  Probably got something to do with the US bases in Okinawa not getting moved, or the fact that a clear relocation plan was never set in place, but promises were made...

...but the real thing I'm sad about is that his administration was supposed to make the tollways max out at ¥2000 per segment...  making my trip to Kumamoto around ¥12000 ($135) roundtrip...  Its 2.5 times that (I think) right now, unless I travel on the weekend.  Oh well...  Whenever my ƒяιккιη ETC card shows up....  Japan seems to be going thru Prime Ministers as fast as BP is going to thru lawsuits...  Ha.
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