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07 July 2010

RANmagazine: RAN Unplugged

We're putting together another charity event at the Hard Rock Cafe!

Our last event, RockThisTown, was very successful and raised some cash for Haiti,  It also gave the chance for Nagoya to see some of the hottest local talent in town!  So we decided to do it one more time...

This one's an Unplugged event; you remember MTV right?  This means only acoustic instruments-- no electric guitars, drum machines, synths, etc.  

Its going down Friday July 16th, from 7pm 'til 10pm.  

We're gonna ask for at least a 500yen donation music charge to be given to charities to help clean up the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico...  What a devastating ecological disaster.... 

More details to come of course, so please watch this space!!

Yup, another event at the 'Rock. Try not to drink them outta beer this time, OK?

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