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01 August 2010

2010 World Cosplay Summit hits Nagoya!

This weekend, the biggest event for lovers of anime and manga hits Nagoya, the 2010 World Cosplay Summit, sponsored by TV Aichi.

The "World Cosplay Summit" was created to promote international exchange through the Japanese youth culture of manga and anime.
The free and dynamic nature of manga was instrumental in the birth of cosplay. Nowadays youth from around the world find this as a common language and a dynamic new form of global interaction. The World Cosplay Summit began in Osu, Nagoya and has grown to include 15 countries from around the world. If you count audience and participants at each preliminary event, the number of people involved is now in the 100s of thousands.

For youth who have discovered Japan through manga and experienced Japanese culture through the medium of the World Cosplay Summit, we endeavor to continue the development of this new form of international exchange.

Expect a full write up in RANmagazine next issue, but we've got pix and vid right here for you, including some liveblogging on RANtv's Ustream channel!  Check the goods below...


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