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17 August 2010

African American Vernacular English, AKA "Ebonics"

AAVE grammatical Aspects

Aspect Example SE Meaning
Habitual/continuative aspect[54] He be workin' Tuesdays. He works frequently or habitually.
Intensified continuative (habitual) He stay workin'. He is always working.
Intensified continuative (not habitual)[55] He steady workin'. He keeps on working.
Perfect progressive He been workin'. He has been working.
Irrealis He finna go to work. He is about to go to work.a

I get asked a ton of questions from Japanese learning English like, "Why is African-American English so much harder to understand than 'normal' English?"

Well I could go into the whole slavery-creole-no-real-education-for-blacks-at-that-time thing, but I think there's a more studied answer that I can give my students... Hence me looking on Wikipedia...

After reading this, I'm convinced--There must be at least 100 linguists that got their PhDs from hanging out in a North St. Louis liquor store...

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