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03 December 2010

Thank You Ne-Yo

My brother Logan who works security in Atlanta did a VIP detail for Ne-Yo, a famous singer, also from A-town. One og my 2nd year students has N mania. She likes Ne-Yo and Nelly. Of course since I'm from St Louis and also rep the ATL, I'm one of her favorite teachers... So when my bro told me about his detail, I asked if he could do me a solid and get this for my student. Thanx to my bro and his supremely vivacious wife (best sister in the world!) I was able to give the autograph to my student in class today.
She burst into tears of joy, and now every kid wants me to get them some famous person's in America autograph.

Paul Pierce, hook me up man! One of my kids is a HUGE fan over here--wears your jersey under his warmups all the time.

Nelly-- hook a bro from the Lou up man-- these Japanese kids LOVE hip-hop and you get mad play over here.

Ludacris! Just 'cause people keep saying I look like you, you gotta get it in there too man.

Send some to these Japanese kids and know your fans are worldwide, dig?

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