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21 March 2005

Queen Elizabeth Parkway

I met her at a bar. I was on my 5th drink, an Apple Martini that was more martini than apple when I spotted her. She was standing at around 5 feet even, and was surrounded by other good looking girls. I decided to chat with her... Just to see if I could know her name really. As a rule I don't go into these situations expecting anything. That way If I get anything at all, Im happy. We talked for 5 minutes, and the DAMN LIGHTS CAME ON! If you're not the clubbing type, that signal means the joint is shutting down. She's digging me, and I'm digging her, and we exit the club, and end up outside. I was waiting for my homies to see what the next move was. I thought she'd bounce on me, but then she asked me what I was gonna do. I was gonna grab a bite and go home, and she said that she'd openly be in town for a few more days but wanted to see me again. As I walked her down the street I half hoped that the situation would end up back at my pad or her hotel room, but that never happens to me. As I kissed her on the cheek, it turned into a full-on kiss. Hmmm. I walked on to my car hoping that the number she gave me wasn't a fake.

She called me the next day and we made arrangements to meet at a mall but she was not feeling good, and we ended up not seeing each other till later that night. We tried to go to another club, but stuff here shuts down way early. We ended up back at the hotel and simply talked until the sun came up. I learned almost her complete family history, and told her mine. I felt so comfortable talking. Exchanging ideas, its like sex for the mind really. Especially if you meet someone that can lead a convo in the right direction. We talked about everything from bad traffic, to the Rwandan Massacre. All the while I was looking in her brown eyes, searching. I wanted to get lost in them. Let me stop... Yeah Im a guy, but I'll go on record and say that guys think about these things too.

I really wanted to embrace this woman. To hold her, to be with her unconditionally.

Is she perfect? No. She didn't even call me when she left town. Will I see her again? I don't know. If I do, then call it luck. If not, call it another unscripted weekend.
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