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29 March 2005

Restless Ambitions

My horoscope on February 1st said, "Virgo: You are dreaming of a faraway place. Go where your dreams direct you."

Its true. I'm constantly wanting to be somewhere other than where I am now. In fact anyone who knows me doesn't have to guess where I really want to be. Question is how can I get back to where I wanna be?

Today my horoscope was more insistant... "You're dreaming of a faraway place. You'll never get there if you don't start moving."

Consider me to have shifted into 5th, afterburners full glow, and moving full speed ahead then.

Someday I will be riding my BMW F800 on the Hanshin Expressway in Osaka. And I will be on my way home from another day in my life. I will make it back there. I will make it back to Japan, my other home.
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