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10 June 2005

All about Fela Kuti

I know I havent posted for about a month, but things have been hectic. So first let me tell you about the last post. I kept it vauge for a reason... Because I wanted to give myself a chance to make sense of what I experienced... You see I am still reeling from it a month later, and wish like hell I could do it all again. I've never been to a concert that was that fun... The band was covering the music of Fela Kuti If you don't know him, he's to Nigeria (and really a lot of Africa during the 60s and 70s) what Bob Marley was to Jamaica. His music is very inspiring, and uplifting. Not to mention tight as hell in the rhythmic department. You truly would enjoy it. I couldnt stop moving and dancing, and the band never once took an intermission! for 4 1/2 hours straight, they played. and the shortest song was like 45 mins long (they improv a lot!) Truly spectacular to see a band where the horn section was outfitted with 3 saxes, 3 trumpets, french horn, and a trombone! there were 3 guitarists, keyboards, vocals and 5 backup singers (who were fine as hell!) It truly moved me and by the time it was over, I was mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically spent. Yeah.. time to go back to the motherland fo' sho...
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