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16 June 2005

Makin moves

Wow... This past week has been one of the most hectic I've had in a while. This time last week I was into my 4th month working for the IRS. Sure it wasn't my chosen profession, and yes at times it was downright boring, but it was an easy job and the money and benefits were good considering the work. But then I got a call last Thursday morning that changed all that. They saw my resume on HotJobs.com, and wanted me to come in for an interview. Considering I had been solicited over the phone many times, but hadn't had an interview for a job within my field in years, literally, I did the interview the very next day. The meeting went extremely well, and after checking my references over the weekend, I was sent an offer letter on Monday. I thought about it for about 15 minutes. I could stay in my current position and wait for something better, or get furloughed, whichever comes first, or take this position and just have faith. I chose the latter.

Starting exactly a week from now, I will become the afternoon and evening Editor and Technical Director for TRN... Along with that will come much more money, and similar benefits to my current job. Consider this. 13 months ago, I graduated. 8 months ago, I moved back to Atlanta. 4 1/2 months ago I was making $8.25/hr + commission selling mobile phones. Now I make around $28k processing claims with the IRS. Next week I get to create and edit video and do what I love, what I do for free a lot of times because its more my passion than a job-- for much more than I make now!!! And I'll be on the ground floor of a company that is sure to take off in the next few years because what we do has never been done before. And plus now I can get to work in 10 minutes!! Its just good all the way around.

I want to just tell ya that this feels like a homecoming to me. I haven't been in a edit bay or control room since I was at Webster University working on trying to graduate. And the last time I did this for money? Jeez... For me, this is a payoff. I spent hard earned money and irreplaceable time on getting myself in the position that I'm in now. Back in 2001 I mulled over going back to school. I lost my job at the time due to the tech bubble bursting. I thought it was the right thing to do, so I went. But school is an investment. To me, if I get a job in the field that I studied in school, then it pays off. For a while I was beginning to wonder. But today I feel that going back to school, and especially Webster U. was the best thing I've done in the last 10 years.

Of course I thanked GOD and all other deities responsible for getting me this far. And yeah, to all of yall behind me, my best friends, and family that keep supporting me, pushing me, and loving me, thank you. Without you, I wouldn't be back in my field where I belong. To all the haters, naysayers, and fair-weather friends... Well I won't give my thoughts on that in this post. I'm keeping positive.
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