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23 October 2005

Dredlock soldierman

I am asked why I have dredlocks on a constant basis.  Well in order to quell the questions, here is a short explanation:

Never will I cut them... Even if I have to cut most off, I will save one. My dreds are the symbol of my liberated spirit. They serve to remind me why I am here and what I am supposed to do in life.
They are both my roots to keep me grounded, and my branches reaching into the sky to set me free and touch the hand of God.
They are bound sometimes into a ponytail to remind me of my slave ancestors who came across the vast ocean to a land and future unknown.
They hang loosely down my back to symbolize the freedom that all men crave, and eventually will be willing to fight to the death for, if not given.
They are lined up in neat rows and columns like orderly citizens in peacetime
Sometimes they are all over my head like the civil wars and conflagerations going on in the world.
My dredlocks are me.  I am my dredlocks.  This is more than just a simple hairstyle.  This is the symbol of my life.

I hope the reason is much clearer now to you.  I’ve had my hair this way for 4 ½ years, and don’t see me cutting it anytime soon.  Not until my struggle is over.  Not until I get my life going the way I want it.
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