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21 October 2005

Redbirds crash or Become an Alcholic.

Well the redbirds tried... But in the end, the Astros won 4 games to 2 to end the NLCS. Now its Chicago White Sox vs. Houston Astros. I got a buddy from Houston; he's been using the NLCS to poke fun at me, but at a friend's wedding this past weekend he was wondering if I've become a bit of a lush... The reception had an open bar, and I took that opportunity to have 3 bloody marys in a row... Then with the Cards making the post-season, and my 40" screen TV not working, I've been going to the local sports bar on game nights. Of course while Im there I have to have beer... and at $3 for 2 pints, well I do get loaded sometimes... They have 35 cent chicken wings though... Anyway last night I watched the first half of what would be the end of the line for St Lou, and I ordered 2 beers.... Ate a chicken sandwich... and then at the end of the 5th inning got up to leave. Ryan, the barkeep, says "leavin so soon? What's goin on, you can put away 2 more..." That's when I started thinking... Im becoming Norm Peterson off of Cheers! I have my certian spot I sit at the bar... I order the same things; 5 lemon pepper, 5 garlic spicy, an order of cheese fries, and a tall cold one... ...not healthy either, but I usually do this once a week... But last week I was there 3 days outta seven... So now I feel guilty... And yeah, maybe I am a borderline drunk... But at least I can hold my liquor!
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