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20 December 2005

Holiday Cheer

Another sign that I am getting older... My Grandma is coming to visit with me this Christmas. Now that may sound normal, but I'm used to her visiting my dad, or uncles if we aren't visiting for the holidays at her house. I've had to make sure that my apartment is kid-proofed too; She's bringing my 10 year old niece. So as my bachelor life gets cut off of a week, I am actually happy to have them here. I love them very much and really haven't gotten to spend any real time with them in about a year.

My Grandma hasn't taken a break in the last 2 years either I think, so I need to make sure she doesn't have to lift a finger while she's here. My niece has never been outta St Louis in her short life, so I also want to make sure she has an exciting time as well. Its important to me that she gets to see that there is life outside of the 'hood in St Louis, particularly now in her life-- When I was 10 years old, I had already been to 5 cities and moved to New York City then. Later on I moved to L.A. and these opportunites broadened my mind. I am grateful to my parents for taling my to cultural events, museums and the like because even though we lived in the 'hood at times, I didn't feel like I was going to be there all my life. I want to pass that same thinking on to her. Life isn't where you start out, its where you end up.

I don't care if I don't get a single item under the tree this year, because my 2 presents will be here on Wednesday!

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