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25 March 2006

Let's get it!! (Kansai Smoooove Remix)

And its on again. My 2 best friends and I will be in Japan from 3/27 to 4/11... Of course Ill be back in Osaka (O-town or The Kinky Kinki for y'all that know me) and be heading up to Tokyo as well.

Its like a homecoming when Im back in Japan. I feel like part of me grew up there, and I have been told by some friends there that I probably lived there in another life. Whatever the case, it'll be 2 weeks of heaven for me. Im getting off the plane, jumping on the JR Hanwa line and heading straight to Nanba and getting some Takoyaki and some Calpis Soda. Or maybe to Yoshinoya or Matsuya and get some Gyudon. Whatever I do, it will be finished off by a cold Kirin Black beer out of a vending machine. You heard? I don't give a damn how jet-lagged I am either. One of my friends has never been to Japan, and the other has only been in Tokyo for 5 days, so I plan on playing tour guide to them...

Im gonna do a daily blog right here, so get set! The fun will start next Tuesday 3/28/2006, and will be complete with pix and maybe even a podcast or two!

Anyway I've been gone from posting for a month... No I wasn't in a coma, I was busy as hell! I spent every moment of my free time out of work either working on websites (www.starrwulfe.com) or shooting scenes for an upcoming movie I'm working on. I can't comment to much on the movie, but I'll have it edited and ready to show by the end of May. And of course if you're reading this, then you'll be the first to know.
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