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03 April 2006

J7 is back in JAPAN!!!

I know I said I'd update this blog with a daily account of my trip here, but truth is, I've been leaving the GuestHouse here early, and coming back late-- usually so late that I go straight to sleep when I get here... Terrible I know.. So Ill try to update this thing all at once while I have some time today. This is me here on Dotobori which is a famous area of Osaka. If you know anything about this place, this is where you can come to get some of the best food in all Japan. Not too far from here is a place called Den Den Town. It's Osaka's answer to Tokyo's Akihabara-- you can get anything electronic there. I bought a 1Gig MP3 player for arounf $100 US... It would be about $150 back home... Im having a great time as always, and stay tuned-- More to come! Posted by Picasa
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