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23 February 2007


Are you ready for another StreetSide Media film? This time Benrose, my partner in crime, wrote a challenge for your favorite camera-jockey... a 14 minute long tracking shot. How to work this? Thank God for Home Depot! We built a dolly and threw some furniture in our empty-ass storefront we pass off as a set... At equal parts of talent, crew, and equipment and you get the first StreetSide Media production shot in our own facilities!! Now that's hot...
A 14 minute short comedy parodying reality TV shows. No cuts, no edits... Just action!

We've entered it into a new reality TV competition called The Lot.
On the Lot is the new Fox reality filmmaking show, where filmmaker contestants produce short films to compete for a $1 Million development deal. Please vote for StreetSide's own Ben Rose-- a vote for him, means a vote for me too-- He's the MC and I'm the DJ. Without both of us, StreetSide doesn't exist!


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