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26 March 2007

A-Town's been good 2 me...

Current mood: nostalgic

You know, I've been contemplating a lot lately... Ya'll cats that truely know me, know I'm introspective as hell... But for the past few weeks, I've been more so. I think I'm on this "before-I-Turn-30-what-have-I-Done" kick, but some other shit made me really just sit back, have a beer and really play shit out in my mind...

See, I've lived some of everywhere in my short 29 years on Earth.... But no place... well at least in this country, has really made me feel at home more than the A. Atlanta. I guess its because this city is full of us trying to live our dreams... And as this city rose from the ashes after the civil war, she can take us that are at the end of our ropes and bring us back from the dead. Our city seal has a phoenix for a reason... But that fire is hot... See if you're fake as hell, the fire will eventually burn your ass outta here. I've seen it all before. But for those of us that are for real... Well we call the A... A-town, ATL... Atlanta... I call it home.
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