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16 July 2007

The Question Has An Answer... Another Question.

Current mood: melancholy

Want-- something desired, not necessarily a necessity to exist.

Need-- something needed to exist, not necessarily a item that is desired.

Ponder that for a moment, a minute, a lifetime even. You still won't get it. This is the original human enigma, a paradox for the ages.

This is the secret to happiness, success, long life, long love. This is the fountain of youth, the holy grail, a wonder of the world.

This is the secret to life... Yet its also a puzzle that no one is able to answer, and in all likelyhood, unanswerable.

You could choose to spend the rest of your time on this planet trying to figure it out.

Or be like me, and just be.

Currently listening :
As If We Existed
By Solillaquists of Sound
Release date: By 26 September, 2006

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