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17 September 2007

reflections upon past triumphs and future conquests

its been a hell of a summer. I went into it with an new vigor and came out soundly beaten like a government mule. Let's recap...

April-- did a favor for a friend of mine and help make a music video for a damn good band. visit my website www.streetsidemedia.com to see.

Mid-May-- moved from the near-northern 'burbs to a position between midtown atlanta and buckhead. very prime real estate, near transit, recreation, conviences, and more.

June-- worked hard to make sure my former employers wouldn't experience hardships while the bulk of management was out on vacation.

July-- got fired over some bullshit that initially had nothing to do with me. Then my idiot manager left me hanging out to dry just to protect his neck. Another fine example of corporate politics and bullshit that has turned America into a wasteland of ineffective, inefficient, profit-mongering, non-talented assholes.

August-- as i'm trying to turn my life aroud and find employment, my former employers file an appeal on my unemployment compensation which lead to the most fucked-up farce of a legal hearing in history where i got not only my benefits cut off, but was told i have to pay back over $2000 in payments... i got 2 words for ya-- FUCK THAT! I'm un-employed... where's the money gonna come from dumb-asses? if i was already employed, i wouldn't need yall!

September-- due to the above, i had to take a job as a (very underpaid) technician for a wireless company. i now make $15000 less per annum than i used to... nice. i went to college, got 2 degrees, and this is what i have to show for it. I go to work everyday so depressed because this is NOT where i thought i'd be 4 years after graduation.

...now lets look ahead...

The next 6 months--

work. i will suffer and save money. forgo any kind of recreation, social interaction, whatsoever.

March 2008-- start making plans to move. i really wanna go back west. but canada looks good. of course my real plan is always asia and in particular Japan.

May 2008-- my lease is up... for good or bad, i'm out of here. Atlanta has shown me its ass in the job market, and i need a change of pace. Hopefully my new home will treat me better.

If anyone wants to make a pitch for their part of the world, tell me now. I may become your new neighbor next year!
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