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21 July 2007

Into the light

Well one thing about myself I do like-- I don't stay down for very long. Yeah I've been going through some ill s*** lately (see the previous post) but at this point, I am looking at some of the things that are going right for a change.

  • A music video I shot in collaboration with a buddy of mine is probably gonna get aired on the international music channels...
  • The movie I shot last year is finally done... Now we just have to shop it around and get some sort of deal.
  • StreetSide Media is becoming well-known around here... Went to a few places in the past week and broke out my demo or business card, and a few people already knew about us. Not bad!

I still have no job... but then again I do--StreetSide-- I just need to start the hustle so it can be a sole source of revenue for us.
You know, I never used to really believe in the devil; I still don't. But I do believe in negative energy and that's everywhere right now. To avoid it, surround yourself with positive energy and feelings.
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