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08 December 2007

Nippon Freak: Move over Ultraman, Here Comes Norton Fighter!

Yeah I know it seems like I've been on a "Damn Japan is the shizznite" trip for a minute... But what's not to love about a place where they use "tokusatsu" to advertise for of all things, Norton Antivirus!"

Tokusatsu is a genre of programs on Japanese TV that are like live action "giant robo" hero shows. It usually involves several humans with secret alter-egos that form some sort of color-coded team to get the job done. Ultraman is a long-running series in Japan for example, and here in the US, we have the Power Rangers.

Well imagine my surprise to check out Gizmodo one day and find Norton doing an early 80's throwback tribute to those shows in Japan as a good parody and oh yeah, to move their software. I think I just may switch my anti-virus now, especially if the Akihabara Otaku Maid Princess is thrown in... NORTON PUNCH!!

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